高崎山無料の日に自分でつくるおみやげ たかもん たかももペンダント 無料ねんどワークショップ 第1回 開場前レポート 2022.04.16 Sat


Oita City’s “Mt. Takasaki” monkey nature zoo will celebrate its 70th anniversary next March, 2023.


Starting in April of this fiscal year, Oita City has designated the third Saturday of every month as “Takasaki Mountain Free Day” and plans to hold various events each month.


It appears that my clay workshop will also be held in a regular slot this year.



The place is a free space on the 2nd floor of “Osaru-kan”.

Osaru-kan is connected to Takasaki Natural Animal Park and Umi-tamago Aquarium by a pedestrian crossing bridge, and is a bright and spacious facility with Beppu Bay in front of it.

第1回イベントは4月16日(土)に行われ、ワークショップ午前、午後の部とも満員(各40名 計80名、随時受付)お蔭さまで材料切れの大盛況でした。


The first event was held on Saturday, April 16, and both the morning and afternoon sessions of the workshop were fully booked (40 people each, 80 in total, accepted at any time).

Thank you very much.



At the workshop venue, “Takamomo,” the image character of Mt. Takasaki, and my original clay dolls and photos are also on display.

The characters “Takamon” and “Takamomo” were designed by a designer living in Oita City. He was a classmate of mine from elementary school. I made this big size “Takamomo” nendoroid about 5 years ago at the Mt.





Now, this video was quickly recorded during a moment before the workshop was ready for the day and the guests were coming in.

Once the workshop began, it was a raging success, and as expected, there was no room for video recording.

It was busy, but all the kids were very happy and I was very happy too.

Interacting with the children through creativity is the best part of the workshop.


The base of the pendant, prepared in advance for the number of people.

Oh no, direct sunlight is already shining…



I took a few more shots during my lunch break.

Next time, I hope to have enough time to shoot some more of the children’s work.


See you again on the third Saturday in May.



<My motivation for making dolls (Reposted until the war is over.)>


When I first started making dolls (in 2008), I wanted to give shape to the folktale tradition that has been handed down in Japan in my own way.


It may be an exaggeration, but even if the land we live on now takes a different shape in the distant future, I want to leave behind in a way that I can, the “stories” of our ancestors that once existed on that land.


After experiencing the Great East Japan Earthquake, I started making Japanese mythology dolls a few days later, and began to think that the act of making dolls could be a form of “memorial service.


In this day and age, I was a little hesitant to send out carefree content like my doll videos, but we live in a world where fears of a change in the state of Japan do not sound like a joke.


So I thought again that I will continue my activities to tell Japanese folktales in the way I can, just as I have been doing so far. (2022.02.26)


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